This is an important (and very short) cartoon to watch. Seriously. It explains how and why ineffective, oppressive, “suppressive,” and/or destructive cultural norms and practices have societal longevity. The study may or may not have happened, and we are a “higher level” primate than the monkeys in the experiment, but I bet when you think of this video in regards to how we oppress others in our own communities or people in other communities, you will see how many of our actions are automated and fully cut off from the original motivation. (Yes, all of us do at least a bit of oppressing or stand by silently as oppression unfolds in front of us). Survey all the stereotypes, labels, and social strategies that you inherently superimpose on people. What are the origins of those actions? If those origins were dug up and revealed to be rooted in hate, would it change the way you perceived and treated others and/or the world? Did you consciously choose the way you feel or act toward that “other” person? Or are you auto-hating?  

Watch the video: It may help you understand workplace and family cultural practices  and/or root out redundancies.