Duck and Weave or Listen to Gramma

  When I was a kid, we used to play this game called “Flinch.” You would stand facing another boy and you would take turns faking punches or slaps at each other’s face. Whomever could refrain from flinching won. I lost every time. I’d not only flinch, I’d duck too. I lost on purpose because […]

Somewhere Over the Fogbow

After parking our big rig near the entrance to the gun club at Manila, I got out and went around to the back of the large truck to let my crew of ten California Conservation Corps members out. They seemed to move a little slower than usual, so I barked, “Let’s go! Put your gloves […]

Blackberry Popsicle

After an early spring hike on southern Humboldt’s first warm day of 2002, I took the Avenue of the Giants north towards home. My thoughts weaved between focusing on the road and fantasizing about food. Up ahead, I saw a card table decorated with daffodils. I slowed enough to hear two little girls yelling in […]

Brood Patch

  In the flood plain of Prairie Creek, a few miles north of a small town called Orick, there’s a meadow I often walk through to spy on birds or escape the dark-closed canopy of fog-scraping redwoods. In the winter it’s a flooded swamp; during the summer it’s a field of sun-loving plants that cannot […]

Griff’s Wild Tips: Report Poachers! They Suck!

Have you ever gone to a nature preserve or park and received a talk from an interpretive ranger about respecting the park and its resources and then a hour later you see someone else who got the same exact talk harass, injure, capture, collect, or kill an animal or plant that you came to see?! […]

Happy Action and Forgiveness Earth Day

I spent John Muir’s Birthday (yesterday), indoors, breaking my ritual of hiking on it. I was sick as heck with a merciless cold. I’m still sick, but in recovery mode. I’m bummed that I missed honoring one of the fathers of conservation’s b-day with a climb into the hills to see the beauty of California. […]

Griff’s Wild Tips: Fawn Nappers!

Don’t be a fawn napper! I’m Griff and welcome to Griff’s Wild Tips. This blog post accompanies the video on my YouTube channel titled, Griff’s Wild Tips: Don’t be a Fawn Napper. I hope the video helps you, help others, help fawns. Why do fawns need help? The problem is that every Spring and Summer […]

Baby Turtle Poops Plastic

I travel a lot, and I’m almost always in a hurry when doing so. Sometimes I forget my water bottle or coffee mug. I never bring a plate or a fork. But guess what? One-time-use plastics are to the rescue, and they are so convenient. And they’re everywhere. In fact, they’re practically pushed on me. […]

Eight Tips to Make a Fishing Line Cleanup Event Successful.

Hey, Im Griff. This is the accompanying blog to the the Griff’s Wild Tips video, titled Save Wildlife, Pick up Fishing Line. In each episode of Griff’s Wild Tips, I will show you something that you can do to help wildlife and their habitats (aka homes). In this episode, I explain the dangers posed to […]

I Get By With A Little Help from My Facebook Friends.

This week I wrote a post on Facebook asking you for some good news. At the time that I asked for your good news, I was suffering from what some folks call, “ecological depression.” I define it as the state of hopelessness that I feel when I witness wildlife and their habitats losing ground against […]